• 157 Harbor Rd., Staten Island, New York 10303
  • 917-865-3482
Providing Your Child with the Tools to Be Educated and Better Individuals

teacher reading a book with her preschool children

Our Philosophy

God’s Little Angels by Faith Daycare is a childcare program, founded to provide optimum care for children in an environment of love, support, and guidance. We provide a place where children are secure, cheerful, and encouraged through educational and creative activities to achieve their fullest potential.

Our committed staff members are here to help enable children to draw upon their talents, abilities, and interests at their own developmental speed. Also, we offer one-on-one help between our staff and children. We are talking about formal education at an early age. Our staff is trained to teach and help children grow during their stay at our daycare facility.

Our Emphasis is on quality. We are committed to:

  • Treat all children with dignity and respect regardless of culture, ethnicity, sex, religion, economic status, or personal circumstances.
  • Provide individual attention to each child.
  • Provide individualized initial and continuous assessments in the areas of Education and Behavior.
  • Design and re-design activity plans for each child.
  • Be able to use narrative and standard forms to record observations.
  • Make caring for a child a team effort alongside with parents.

As a community-based facility, God’s Little Angels by Faith Daycare serves the Staten Island neighborhood.

hrough our hard work and dedication, we provide each child and his/her family with a place to grow, learn, share, have fun. Most importantly, we lay a foundation for future generations.

Our Mission

God’s Little Angels by Faith’s goal is to promote the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and moral growth of children enrolled in an educational program which provides opportunities for every child to develop sensory and perceptual discrimination, feelings of mastery, personal achievement, and positive self-concept.