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We at God's Little Angels by Faith are looking for “Faith” to provide your young
Adorable Child The
Gifts of Life Which Is Their Primary
Learning Tools

Our educational curriculum incorporates the cognitive-oriented curriculum. It is developed to translate Piaget philosophies (Piaget with Swiss psychologist, which incorporates many hands-on activities in the learning process).

Our curriculum contains a strong emphasis on children’s cognitive development, focusing specifically on the ways children organize and interpret relationships between objects and events within their environment. Curriculum objectives are accomplished through active learning, language, experiencing and representing classification, the formation of numbers, spatial relation, and time. This physical environment is organized to spark imagination and encourage learning.

Our family home daycare in New York offers the following programs:

For Birthdays and Special Occasions: Parents are welcome to send cake, cupcakes or any other treats to share with their child’s peers. It is advised that the parent inform the caregivers in advance to make arrangements for their child’s birthday or any other special occasion.

Regarding Holidays: We are closed on national holidays. We are also closed during severe and hazardous weather conditions. As for absences, please inform the daycare by phone call either before the date or within the morning hours.

For more information and inquiries, please call 917-865-3482.

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